The consumer market today is all about choice and having options. Whatever we’re buying, we like to have the biggest selection to choose from– whether it’s a department store or a restaurant menu, we like choice! Why should it be any different with our insurance? After all, protecting our homes, future and family is far more important than picking out shoes or something to eat!

This brings me to today’s topic– captive agents versus independent agents. Insurance is a very personal matter– needs vary from individual to individual and family to family. Insurance companies are all different. Each company has a specific target niche they are very comfortable and competitive with. Many companies factor in the same rating variables, such as age of roof, vicinity of fire station/hydrant, claims history, age of home, and more, but they don’t all weigh each factor the same.

There is a company out there that has a great rate for you with great benefits and coverage.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have an insurance agent?
  2. Does that agent represent several companies or just one?
  3. Are you sure the company you’re with now is the best one for you?
     –Just because your parents had them for years doesn’t mean they’ll be loyal or competitive!
  4. How often do you shop your insurance?
  5. Is it convenient for you to shop your insurance?

Wilkinson Insurance Agency is an independent agency representing several companies! We do our best to match you with a company that best fits your needs and offers the most value.
Because we have several tools at our disposal, you don’t need to make several phone calls and spend hours on the phone shopping for a better deal– we do it for you! This is much more convenient for you and saves you time and money too!

Are you interested in giving this independent agency a chance to serve you the right way?

Take 5 minutes and visit our secure quoting portal here  http://www.  and let us go to work for you!