Here is a list of resources we hope might be helpful to you. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Roadside

If you have roadside assistance on your policy and need immediate help, please contact the appropriate company below.

Roadside Assistance
(800) 367-3743

Roadside Services (800) 624-9820
Membership Roadside (800) 222-4357

Roadside Assistance
(866) 767-0150

Roadside Assistance
(800) 252-4633

Roadside Assistance
(800) 220-1351

Roadside Assistance
(800) 776-2778

Roadside Assistance
(888) 895-7725

Roadside Assistance
(877) 762-3101

Emergency Damage Response & Restoration

If you’re experiencing an emergency relating to water, fire or weather-related cause, first call 911. Consider one of these restoration companies to help with the aftermath.

Vehicle Glass Repair/Replace

Glass damage is covered under comprehensive coverage. Check your coverages. Your Comprehensive deductible will apply unless you have purchased “full glass” coverage in which you would have a $0 (or $50) deductible depending on your carrier. Many carriers will waive your deductible if the damage is minimal and can be repaired instead of replaced. Call us for more information regarding your specific coverage. (317) 852-8330

Below are reputable companies for glass repair/service.