They have always provided good service to me.

thumb David Leimenstoll
August 24, 2021

best service and very helpful!

thumb Bobby Barker
August 24, 2021

Very honest, real people. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a company they can trust.

thumb Michelle sylvester
July 6, 2020

Bryan Pearcy at Wilkinson is everything an agent should be. He is always quick to answer our insurance questions and address our needs. He even went above and beyond to submit a rate review that ended up saving us money. Didn't even know that was a thing, and we certainly didn't have to ask.

thumb Andrew Claxton
August 23, 2022

Bryan Pearcy can help you with your insurance needs. Fast and easy!

thumb Jim Brandyberry
March 30, 2022

Very helpful and they respond quickly. Mary is great to work with and very knowledgeable.

thumb Jeff McConnell
June 24, 2020

Based on my personal experience as a customer for 3 years: They represent multiple insurance companies and I felt their quote was competitive. As a customer I heard from them 1 time, right before I cancelled. I contacted them a few times during the 3 years. When I called about a claim they simply gave me the 800# of the insurance company; they did NOT follow up with me to see how the claim was processed. I was not happy with their customer service. I also contacted the agent (Mark?) twice during that time to ask questions about pricing and my policy. Both times he was going to call me back with answers to my questions and I never received a call. Based on my personal experience I would not recommend them.

thumb Chris Fulton
January 23, 2016

As always professional advice and easy interaction... Great company very friendly!

thumb Mark Nicholls
May 12, 2022

Mark and his staff are unique in today's business world. They are more old school in the fact that the client still matters. You are not a number to them. They will find policies that are best for YOU...not them. I cannot give them enough kudos for being one of the finest agents and agencies around. Do not hesitate to call them for insurance, whether its the first time or you are looking to switch. You will not be disappointed!

thumb Dave Johnson
January 23, 2018

Responsive and easy to work with. Would recommend.

thumb Jeremy Noren
July 29, 2022

Mark is very personal and easy to work with. They gave me quotes from several insurance companies and were able to save me a lot of money over my previous insurance agency, with better coverage to boot. I would highly recommend them to friends or family.

thumb Joe Powers
January 23, 2017

We have been with Wilkinson for 7 years -- Great agency. They ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF US WITH PROFESSIONAL and COURTEOUS service!

thumb Em Sylvester
June 20, 2020

After getting a sudden, massive price increase from my old insurance company due to "market adjustment", Bryan was able to get me better coverage for almost $80 cheaper. Great service!!

thumb Devon Huerta
November 9, 2022

I recently had a theft causing a major loss. Wilkinson submitted the claim on my behalf and worked to get my replacement covered almost immediately. Nice job!!!

thumb Doug Lively
January 23, 2021

Very helpful and easy to contact! Definitely recommend.

thumb Ian Williams
June 12, 2022

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