Burning down the house!

Luckily, most of us have never experienced a house fire, but they happen and more often than you think. Numerous things can cause house fires but we want to warn you of a device almost every home has that can be dangerous…the laundry dryer!  Yes, dryer fires account for more than 15,000 home fires each year. This blog is focused on some of the steps you can take to prevent fires from occurring in your home. First and foremost, always get into a habit of cleaning your lint trap. Dryer lint is extremely flammable and if care isn’t taken to clean the lint trap regularly, heat can cause the lint to ignite. Secondly, make sure the exhaust hoses are free from kinks and there’s no build up of lint inside. Also, make sure you keep clear the area around your dryer.  Socks and other small articles of clothing can easily fall behind or under the dryer and be a possible hazard. This video illustrates a possible scenario many people may not consider.  Oil or grease soaked aprons, clothes, or shoes, even after being washed can present a high fire risk. Make sure you wash anything that has come into contact with oil, grease, or gasoline multiple times and then hang them to dry!