A Business Catastrophe Liability Policy (BCL)

Every business is at risk of facing expensive liability claims. A simple slip and fall can costĀ a company thousands of dollars in legal, medical expenses and other damages. Without aĀ commercial umbrella policy, an event like this could easily jeopardize a company’s assetsĀ andĀ cause financialĀ ruin. Remember, you are still obligated to pay for damages that exceed any liability protection you have. You don’t just get off the hook because you don’t have the money!

AnĀ umbrella gives higherĀ liability coverage above and beyond the limits of a primary policy. So, when the primary limits areĀ used up, the umbrella beginsĀ and offers more coverage. Limits for a commercial umbrella can range anywhere from $1 million up to $10 million.

Because of the low cost of these policies, it’s a very good idea for every business to have one. When you consider what’s at stake, it just makes sense to invest in one. Plus, if you’re a contractor, you may be required to have one for certain jobs.

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